Sunday, October 02, 2011

Undersea (Submarine) Cable Map

All of us know that undersea cables connecting different countries across the globe form the backbone that carry more than 90% of our voice and data traffic (Internet). Ever wondered how many such cables have been laid, which countries are connected and who owns those cables.

TeleGeopgraphy a research and consulting firm since 1989 based on their Global Bandwidth Research has released an interactive world map with nearly 200 active and planned submarine cables and their landing stations.

Clicking on any cable on the map provides data like its name, length, owners, website if any, year (RFS – Ready For Service) and landing points. Selecting a landing point gives a list of all cables landing at that station.


List of undersea cables that land in India
1. The Bharat Lanka Cable System
2. Europe India Gateway (EIG)
3. FLAG Europe-Asia (FEA)
5. i2i Cable Network (i2icn)
8. SEACOM/Tata TGN-Eurasia
9. Gulf Bridge International Cable System (GBICS)
10. SeaMeWe-3
11. SeaMeWe-4
12. Tata TGN-Tata Indicom
13. WARF Submarine Cable


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