Saturday, November 28, 2009

Working with Windows Live Writer For the First Time

After Three years of inactive and 1st test post done on my first blog at a free blog for everyone offered by internet giant Google thought I could try Windows live writer with BlogSpot.


Installed live writer on my Laptop running windows 7, launched live writer and provided my BlogSpot credentials and here I am writing my blog post. So easy even for a new user.


Insert URL or website addresses like this one here.


Embed maps like the one below

Map picture

You can insert video both from your hard drive or from internet like the below one from YouTube. Just Click – click – click and you are done.



There are many add-ins available to install and add more functionality to live writer.


I was presented with 403 error when I tried to publish this post. I could not find any useful info how to get this resolved. After looking into options of live writer and I changed upload picture settings to ftp on internet (I have write access to) and then tried to publish and it worked.


After some more search on internet I found this link where I got solution for the error I faced with BlogSpot


you can edit same post as many times as you like and publish again and again as it overwrites the original post.


Cool blogging tool to help frequent and not so frequent bloggers alike.


Happy Blogging.