Monday, October 03, 2011

Launch VirtualBox VMs from Windows 7 Jumplist

VirtualBox is one of the most popular Type 2 hypervisors and natively does not support Windows 7 Jumplist. If you install and run many virtual machines on VirtualBox on your Windows 7 machine you will like VBoxLaunch which is a tiny script around 900 KB in size written by Nic Bedford to add Jumplist functionality (actually a workaround) to VirtualBox.

We just have to download the free script and unzip VBoxLaunch.exe to VirtualBox install directory usually C:\Programs Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

You may be asked to provide administrator permission to copy the exe to the folder


Click on continue to finish the copy

Now right click on the VBoxLaunch.exe and select Pin to Taskbar and Start Menu


Now Right Clicking the VBoxLaunch icon in the Taskbar will pull up the jumplist of all your VMs inside VirtualBox.


If you have pinned VBoxLaunch to Start Menu you can access VMs and launch from there.


This works on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. VBoxLauncher is a very handy and must have tool for those running VirtualBox on Windows 7


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