Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wi-Fi 6 – Much needed upgrade

History of Wi-Fi technolgoy

Wi-Fi 1 is 802.11b, released in the year 1999
Wi-Fi 2 is 802.11a, also released in the year 1999
Wi-Fi 3 is 802.11g, released in the year 2003
Wi-Fi 4 is 802.11n, released in the year 2009
Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac, released in the year 2014
Wi-Fi 6 is the new version, known as 802.11ax released in the year 2019

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wish You All A Very Very Happy New Year 2018

Let the new year renew all the happiness and good tidings, and let the joyful spirit keeps glowing in our heart forever - Wish you and your beloved ones a very very happy and prosperous New Year






Sunday, April 30, 2017

Info on Undersea cables that power Internet

Here is an animated map from Business Insider that shows all the Undersea Cables that power the global internet



It is more than 150 years since first undersea cable was laid


Map shows all the 300 cables stretching 8.8 Kilometres or 550,000 miles, equivalent  distance of circling Earth 22 times that transmit 99% of total internet traffic on the Globe


Longest cable being 38,624 Kilometres or 24,000 miles from Germany to Korea with 39 landing points


Watch how these cables are laid in below video



Below video shows how are these cables are repaired


Friday, June 03, 2016

Verify, Track, Find information of an image Online

We all have used Google search engine to find Images. But not many know that Google has features and options that can be used to verify, track, find information about an image and validate that information.


Below is a nice video which shows these features in action





Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Windows Laptop as Virtual router – Connectify.me

Starting Windows 7 Microsoft has baked code into Windows Operating System that can make Windows with Wireless adopter a WiFi router or Virtual router. Only problem was to get it working for novice or advanced user alike.


Using Windows Laptop as Wireless router has its own advantages than Mobile Hotspot. You can not use Mobile Hotspot with Mobile connected to WiFi.


There are many free programs out there that claim to do this with ease, but only if they are stable and reliable.


Connectify Hotspot from connectify.me is one such program, but a very reliable and stable program that turns Windows 7/8/8.1/10 computers with Wireless adopter into Virtual router, that allows you to share any 3G, 4G, Wired LAN and Wireless LAN internet over WiFi.


There are many use cases for Virtual router, where you can share internet connection at Hotels, Airport, business centers and even at home in emergency.


Connectify Hotspot is super stable with constant updates being released to support latest Windows Operating Systems and features.


Personally I started using Connectify Hotspot Pro (Lifetime License) from 2014 on Windows 8 then upgraded to 2015 and now using 2016 on Windows 10. I use it on 64 bit Windows 10 Enterprise Insider preview edition with fast updates and it works without any issue.


I work with multiple wireless devices and Connectify works flawlessly every time I fire it up and connect mobile phones, iPads, chrome books, laptops at home and office.


Below are few screenshots of Connectify Hotspot 2016 Pro running on my Laptop





Connectify is of 9 MB in size that you can buy and download from www.connectify.me site install with few clicks, reboot your machine and when it boots back in, it is ready to be a Virtual router with single click.


It came to my rescue when I was at a place where only my machine had direct internet access and I had to download a piece of software onto few brand new iPads.


I suggest to go for Pro version as it is all worth the money for the features and convenience it offers.


You can rename the device for easy identification, disable/enable internet access with a click, share files between the connected devices as well.


As of this writing there is deal running with 75% off that would get you 3 Hotspot Max lifetime licenses for $15


Here is a shot video from Connectify.me



They offer free trail for few days, which I strongly recommend to try out. I am sure you will love it, if you have the need.