Friday, September 17, 2010

Slick Internet Explorer 9 Is Fast

IE9 Beta has been released to public and finally it is what everyone wanted it to be, slick, clean and fast, though you can find similarities with other browsers out there. Download it from the official site


Few New Features of IE 9 include
Complete Hardware acceleration – Uses GPU for Rendering
CSS3 support
Improved TAB management, Tab tearing without reload
Pin Tabs to Taskbar similar to applications
Relocation notification bar

Checkout some of these features in action here

I have pinned to my task bar and I can access tasks of twitter like tweet etc from jump list even when the twitter page is not open.

Similar is with

Click here to Download IE 9 Beta Setup. Note that this installer will need live internet connection for installation and need to restart once the installed.


New Relocated Notification Bar to the bottom of the screen that does not distract you while reading a site.


It scored 95 out of 100 in acid3 test, other browser like chrome and opera score total 100.


Enjoy your browsing with IE 9 :)

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