Saturday, September 11, 2010

Download Torrents without a client

Torrent2Exe is a simple web application which lets you download a torrent without the need of client on your Windows PC. An executable is generated from a link to the torrent or a torrent file on the disk which automatically downloads your torrent. This helps you to send the exe to your friends who do not have to bother to install a bittorrent client or search for the torrent. Torrent2Exe also provides with links which helps you to publish them on the web so that users can download the torrents without clients.

Now lets try to download a torrent using Torrent2Exe. I choose to download CentOS (Community ENTerprise OS) 64 Bit DVD using torrent. I browsed to one of the download mirrors and copied the link address to the torrent.


Then opened up and pasted the URL, selected Normal Size as download and clicked on start download.


One thing to notice is the Direct URL created to the exe file which you can use to publish and share on the web.

The downloaded exe size varies depending on the original size of the file the torrent belongs to (In my case it was around 800 kb for 4 GB DVD iso file and 500 kb for 600 MB CD image)

Double clicking on the downloaded exe pops up a warning about the exceptions to be allowed for torrent to work


I was using Windows 7 inbuilt firewall so the firewall showed alert for the exe being run.


Once the I allowed access to the exe, it started downloading the torrent.


We also have choice to start the download when the system starts and when closed it asks if the download should stop and exit or to get minimized to system tray and continue download.


Torrent2Exe is a great utility if you download torrents now and then or want to download on a PC where no bittorrent client is installed.

Torrent2Exe is also building a new version with new features like pre-download and post-download messages that be found here for testing



  1. This is great walkthrough I really appreciate your post. I've always wanted to download torrents without using any client software.

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