Friday, July 16, 2010

Use Solvr to Solve your Problems

Solvr is a web based tool that helps you solve a problem by structuring your thoughts. You can also solve a problem together with others with the help of unique URL provided by Solvr. Simple but effective tool. Presently the tool is in alpha stage and new features are slowly being added.

Below is an extract from the website
How it works
1. You enter a problem.
2. You enter ideas that could solve the problem.
3. Some ideas lead to new (hopefully smaller) problems.
4. When a problem is solved, the tree gets green.
    A problem is considered solved, when you found an idea that does not lead to a new problem.


Below are the screenshots of a problem for which I used to test Solvr and solve. You can click here to check out my problem page on Solvr.


Finally Solved all my problems :)


Try it once and I am sure you will use it again. Happy problem solving :)

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