Friday, June 25, 2010

Manage Multiple RDP connections with RDCMan

Microsoft has recently released a small but useful tool called RDCMan short for Remote Desktop Connection Manager for managing Remote Desktop Connections.

We can create groups of servers in a hierarchical fashion, assign a set of credentials, local resources, display and security settings, gateways at one level and let the groups or servers inherit from parents. It also has a live thumbnail preview of all connected servers. We can connect to all servers in a group with just one click.


Adding new top level group

Add group or server

Select the parent group to add

Select to inherit credentials from parent or provide different Logon credentials

Configure local resources

Change or modify already configured options

Save all configurations

This also has integration with Windows7 jump lists

All Servers and groups under a top-level unit in RDCM are stored in a single physical file with .rdg extension which actually is a XML file.


We can just copy these .rdg files to a new system with RDCMan installed and open the file to import all settings. This is very help full if we want an admin to connect to a server but should not know the password to login specially in case we provide access to vendors.

Simple tool with great functionality to help everyone who connect to multiple machines frequently.

This tool was written by Julian Burger, a principal developer in Windows Live Experiences team for Microsoft’s internal use and recently made available through Microsoft download centre.

Note: You can not resize the Remote Desktop Size while the server is connected.

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