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Ubuntu for Phone – Future OS to rule them all

imageMark Richard Shuttleworth, entrepreneur, founder of Canonical Ubuntu, the famous Open Source Linux Distribution and second self funded space tourist and first from Africa has recently announced Ubuntu for Phone, with a vision of building ONE OS to run on all devices ranging from Smartphone, PCs, Televisions, Tablets to super computers and cloud.


As per the announcement by Mark, phones based on Ubuntu for Phone should be available in the market somewhere during last quarter of 2013 or first quarter of 2014



Highlights of Ubuntu for Phone

1. No buttons on the phone

2. Runs the Same proven Ubuntu Linux with familiar User Interface

3. Perform quick actions and navigate using Edges

4. Complete Compatibility with Android Hardware, big plus here for the OEMs.

5. Unified Global Search

6. Clean and Organized UI

7. Evolving Welcome Screen and No Lock Screen (No idea why and how is it secure)


Below is the video Keynote by Mark announcing Ubuntu for Phone with the demo


Skip to 5:20 for Ubuntu for Phone Demo


The idea of Ubuntu for Phone is to build an entire ecosystem with Smartphone at the centre which transforms itself into a different device with a different role but with same content and features. Just plugin phone onto a dock in the office to convert it into a pc, or dock it at home to convert it into a TV.


Hardware specs of the Smartphones available today have the potential to make this idea a reality.


Video shows the concept with respect to Ubuntu for Android


Imagine a day in future when the alarm on your smartphone wakes you up, downloads and provides you updated news while you get ready to office, play music on the way or voice records many ideas that float in mind, docks onto a station on your desk to convert into a PC to work on ideas recorded or connect to a virtual desktop or prepare a presentation, undock your phone, turn on GPS and maps for directions to the client’s office, get into a meeting room, connect phone to a dock to project the presentation, undock it, drive home, connect to a dock near the TV and select your favourite program to play, when time to bed pull out the phone insert it to a tablet to read your favourite ebook and slip into sleep and best of all no need to close or save any application in this journey all day.


Video shows the concept with respect to Ubuntu for Android


Based on proven free and open source Linux Kernel, which powers every kind of device ranging from embedded systems to top of the list supercomputers and clouds, Ubuntu for Phone has the potential to make this dream a reality.


If done right, Ubuntu for Phone would definitely be a big hit in enterprise segment where BYOD is picking up and where IT department has to deal with devices growing in numbers every day


PS: Pair with Lenovo’s 4 screen strategy and there would be nothing much to ask for


So what do you think ? Please do share your view in the comments Smile



More about Ubuntu for Phone design and features here

Know more about Mark Richard Shuttleworth here



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