Saturday, October 06, 2012

Slipstream XenServer Supplemental Packs

Citrix recently released new version of XenServer a Hypervisor based on Xen, originally a research project at the University of Cambridge. With the new XenServer 6.1 we get live Storage XenMotion (Not Available in Free Edition) to migrate VMs between Hosts and Pools without shared Storage. With this release we also get new version of System Centre Integration Suite and Performance Monitoring supplemental pack.


It is necessary that we update these supplemental packs when ever we update XenServer. In general we provide Install Media of the supplemental packs when asked for while installing XenServer or by using xe-install-supplemental-pack command.


The easy way is to slipstream the supplemental packs to the XenServer Install media and perform the update or installation. Below are simple steps to slipstream XenServer install media with supplemental packs.


1. Copy or extract all files from XenServer install media to a folder. Mine is XenServer6.1


2. Create one folder for each supplemental pack inside above folder. In my case I am using Integration suite and Performance monitoring supplemental packs and created two folders named packages.integration-suite and packages.perf-monitoring following Citrix’s naming convention for XenServer folders as shown in below screenshot.




3. Copy or extract all the files of supplemental packs to respective folders created above.

4. Edit XS-REPOSITORY-LIST file in XenServer install media folder created in Step 1, XenServer6.1 in my case  and append names of supplemental pack folders from Step 2, packages.integration-suite and packages.perf-monitoring of my setup.




5. Now save the file and create a new install media for updating or installing XenServer.


6. Once XenServer installation is complete SSH to the server and run below command to check if the above mentioned supplemental packs got installed.

rpm –q openpegasus



Note: You can replace openpegasus in the above command with any rpm package name included in supplemental packs for example xs-cim-cmpi in integration suite




That’s it. Creating a slipstreamed installation media of XenServer with supplemental packs is very easy.


Thanks for spending time here.



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