Saturday, May 15, 2010

Listen Online Radio from your Desktop

Listen to Online Radio Channels of World Radio or English Radio or Hindi Radio straight from your desktop by downloading and installing a 5 MB of software on your PC or Laptop (Links at the end of this post). List of channels include Hollywood, Bollywood, News, Entertainment, Bhajan in various languages including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil and many more. This Software allows easy selection, navigation and control of Online Radio and TV Channels.




After installation it also allows you to setup HotKeys or Shortcut Keys for controlling the app.




If you click on the close button on the window it minimizes to the system tray and keeps playing the station or channel of your choice in the background.




Click here to download Online Indian Radio Setup


Click here to download Online English Radio Setup


Click here to download Online World Radio Setup


Note: All three setups are installed into separate folders and create three different shortcuts on your desktop.




Main site –


Enjoy the Music :-)


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