Sunday, March 28, 2010

Change Windows 7 Logon Background

Bored of Windows 7 default logon background ? Want to change it with your favorite picture ? Do not know how to change ?


Changing logon screen in Windows 7 is as easy as changing your desktop wallpaper. A little application called tweakslogon from, helps you change Windows 7 logon background in just few clicks.


Click here to download a 240 KB zip file and unzip to get TweaksLogon.exe. This app does not require installation and running the app will launch a small window with self explanatory options and preview of the present logon background.




To change the background click on “Change Logon Screen” button which pops up a windows to browse for the picture you would like to set as logon background.




Select a picture and double click or click on Open. If the image selected is more than 245 KB you will be presented with a warning window stating to click on Yes to create a copy and automatically adjust the image as required.




Clicking on Yes will present you with another status window that states tweakslogon found old backgrounds and automatically saved them to a backup location for you.




Click on OK and another Window pops up saying new background has been applied successfully.




Click on OK and the tweakslogon window will show you the preview of the new background.




Clicking on Test button locks your screen and you can see that background of your Windows 7 logon has been changed.


Happy Tweaking.


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